Dexter Ong





Some of the fun and exciting projects that I've worked on.

2020 3D Printed 6-DoF Robotic Arm

I have always found robotic arms and biomimetic robots fascinating because of how they are inspired by biological designs from nature. While most robotic manipulators aren't necessarily modelled to replicate the human arm, they have the potential to perform everyday tasks and work alongside us as collaborative robots. With this arm I plan to explore some interesting concepts that I have in mind for on-arm vision, grippers and human-robot interaction. I actively share my work in an effort to contribute to the maker community.

Proximity Sensor
ROS and MoveIt
Build Log

2020 Wobbling Ultra Swole Pikachu

The most unnecessary but also the most necessary thing I've ever made.

2019 Dynamic Object Tracking and Classification
Using a Multi-Camera System

B.Eng. Dissertation. This paper presents an approach to class-agnostic detection and tracking of objects using scene flow with fisheye cameras. The object detection model is fine-tuned on a local dataset. Depth values are obtained using plane-sweeping stereo matching. Points from scene flow are clustered to initialise and track targets across frames. Class results from 2D object detection are used to assign labels to existing tracks. Since points across the entire scene flow are considered to initialise tracks without detection priors, unknown object types can be detected and tracked as well.

2019 FPV Drones

An addictive adventure of crashes, broken parts and getting stuck in trees.

2018 Robotic Arm Elbow LED

Implemented the elbow LED for the arm as one of my projects during my internship with Carbon Robotics. Designed and integrated the PCB and wrote the firmware for the STM32F4 MCU to allow interfacing with the arm motor controllers for programmable behaviours.

2017 LiDAR Range Image-based Segmentation

Using range images from LiDAR data for segmentation of point clouds. Bounding boxes are drawn around segmented objects.

2017 Smart Window System

Proof of concept of a smart window system. Built with minimal OTS components, the system runs off a pi and various sensor circuits, and includes cloud and mobile app integration. The window is driven by a BLDC motor. Self-calibration of the window position using an optical tachometer is shown in the video.