Dexter Ong





I am a Computer Science PhD student at the GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania. I am advised by Pratik Chaudhari and Vijay Kumar. My current research interests are in vision-based autonomy for agile quadrotor flight. I previously spent three years with the Robotics Autonomy Lab at DSO National Laboratories, working with Lionel Heng on perception algorithms for field robotics. I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2019 with a B.Eng.(Hons) in Electrical Engineering, where I was supervised by Robby Tan for my dissertation on dynamic object tracking.


I am fascinated by all things robotics, particularly in 3D computer vision and scene understanding. My other interests span entrepreneurship, healthcare and education. As I continue to learn and explore, I aim to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to the community through technology. The rest of my free time is split between more robots, music and making (and eating) ice cream!